The 2017 Grateful Box and 9 Quick Lessons From Yesteryear

Hi Darlings, Season’s Greetings!

Been long you saw me on here right?! I know I missed you guys so much too.


I woke up yesterday morning feeling very “intentional”, without the brain fog/tiredness that’s constantly plagued me in the last couple of weeks. I mean feeling so rejuvenated that I set out to clear my room, re-arrange, dust and sort read books from unread in order to prepare my 2018 reading list.

I finished doing these and still felt the pressing need to sort my personal life and mend some bridges with a few people whose place in my life had a major question mark. (Working on that now and that isn’t really the thesis of this post).

Point is, while cleaning my book shelve I stumbled on my ”Faith/grateful” box that started out as a valentine’s gift that year:).  I revamped into a drop box for God in 2014. I chronicle what ails my heart, drop off my letters and go about my daily routine trusting him to change things.

Image+A piece of paper from my worry/grateful box

The very first letter was written on the 8th of August, 2014

So, I decided to read every note in the box before adding my latest faith list. Guess what happened? I got really teary eyed ‘cos I realized a few things after reading and knew I had to share them. They are not just lessons learnt in 2017, but 2016 too. I hope it helps you/inspire you in some way: Continue reading


5 Awesome Free Apps For Book-Lovers

While I have a love-hate relationship with e-Books. There’s no denying how convenient they are to carry around especially when you have a plethora on a device, their inexpensiveness as you can get a gazillion for free and the top-notch user friendly experience most of them provide amongst many pecks but, the pros/cons of e-books or its readers is not the thesis of this post(That will probably come in another post).
Here are 5 awesome book apps I think any bookworms should have + 1 more app that should have made the list.

Goodreads is beyond amazing.It is the perfect place to keep track of what you’re reading and to also reviews books. I’ve met fellow bookworms on there and I enjoy browsing through personalized recommendations based on previous reads and favorite genres. It is the world’s largest site for book recommendations and it has over 20 million members.  I just wish they had half stars rating though. You can find me on Goodreads here.

Kindle AppKindle-logo

This is one of the first apps I download on any new device I own especially laptops. I used to think I needed a kindle device to use itsmile. It is the one-stop shop for all your reading needs. Quickly and easily scan through books to find a particular topic or character to explore. Do you know you can also share quotes and passages on  Twitter and Facebook while reading; look up words on Google and Wikipedia without leaving the app?

Best Feature: Lets you check out the first chapter of a book for free before you buy it.


Wattpad saved my life at a time when I had reading wanderlust(An app I was using at that time just up and stopped working).  A time when I had finished reading every book(eBooks and prints) I had and couldn’t buy new reads. ”It is focused on storytelling, it allows you to read 75 million different stories and upload your own regardless if you’re a published writer or novice. The app enables you to have a more involved reading experience; you can contact the writer and see who else is reading the same stories.

Best Feature: You can read offline and at absolutely no cost.



Although this app is only available for android devices, it remains on my apps wishlist. SnapTell is an efficient app that makes your Android phone a handy mobile-shopping platform.

Best Feature: Given a snapshot of a CD, DVD, book, or video-game cover, SnapTell delivers product information, prices, and shopping links.

Ever After


I love me a good romance story any day, any time. Aside storybooks like little red riding hood, puss in boot, thumbolina and the enid blyton books that I read as a child. Finding my mum’s stack of mills and boons hidden away was the best thing that happened to me. Before I digress, the ease of getting all I want in one place is why this dear app will always be on my phone.

Best Feature: Flash Sales, thousands of free eBooks up for grabs and the best, best part; paranormal series!!!



Okadabooks App should have made this list. But for some reasons it didn’t. #StayWithMe as I share with you reasons why in my next post.

What’s your favourite book app and why?

Blogger Recognition Award

Hi darlings! How’s your day going?

Image+text_blogger recognition award

So sometime in October last year, Fola of thoughtsofFola and Evetonnia of Moonwalkertalks both nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award and I realised recently that I had not put up a post to that effect. Sorry I have been holding out on you guys. Here you go.


To accept the award you have to write a post to show the award.
Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you

Thank you for counting me worthy Fola.

Give a brief story about how you started blogging

I started blogging in 2011, when a lecturer Dr. Theresa Amobi of Online Journalism made it mandatory for everyone to open a blog and put up something as part of our term paper. Blogging became a sort of hobby as I had fun taking pictures here and there till I decided to take things serious with my love for books/writing in 2015 and deleted the previous posts.

Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers 

Everyone learns everyday. For instance, I just learnt that I could advice new bloggers😊

Haha. Jokes apart, there’s something refreshing about a clean,fresh start especially when you are bubbling with ideas. Figure out what you are passionate about and talk about it ‘cos when you get tired your passion will be there to keep you going. The world is ready to hear you.

Secondly, when your stats stay giving the dash(-), dash and dash, don’t let that bother you or keep you from blogging. It will get better. Write good stuff (Content is King), creatively promote them, foster good relationships and your audience will come to stay.

Nominate 15 deserving bloggers 

Even though I think some of these bloggers have been nominated at a point by other people. I’d still nominate them. Isn’t the point “deserving bloggers”?
















Thanks for stopping by. 

Who are your favourite bloggers and what advice do you have for new bloggers?  💕

Book Review || The Fault In Our Stars

Book Cover_The Fault in our starsTitle: The Fault In Our Stars

Author: John Green

Genre: Romantic Fiction, Y/A.

Publisher: Penguin Books

Year of Publishing: 2012

Page: 313

ISBN No: 978-0-14-751373-1




I have two things to confess; first, I cried liked a baby at some point in this book and also I couldn’t wait to share this poignant book with people that I posted a mini review on Instagram before posting here. That said,  let’s get to the thick of this.

Book Summary

Here’s the whole sordid tale. Dying girl meets hot boy. Hot boy and dying girl fall in teenage love and go on adventures to Amsterdam together. Dying girl is disappointed by her meeting with a certain author whom she idolizes. Dying girl and hot boy admit their love to each other and have physical relations. In a horrible twist of fate, dying girl lives while hot boy dies. The end. –shmoop

What I posted on I.G?

Wanna know my favourite part of this book? The part where Hazel(sick and dying of thyroid cancer) tries everything to push Augustus Waters away and save him from pain after she dies or blows up like a “grenade” and how  optimistic+brave said 17 year old boy is portrayed to the very end(Jeez! I mean who organises his own prefuneral and eulogy rehearsal?!).

(Pg.122-123) Augustus: “You realise that trying to keep your distance from me will not lesson my affection for you.
“I guess?” Hazel said.
“All efforts to save me from you will fail”, he said.
Hazel: “Why? Why would you even like me? Haven’t you put yourself through enough of this?” I asked, I asked thinking of Caroline Mathers(that’s Augustus ex who had died of Brain Cancer). Gus didnt answer. He just held on to me, his fingers strong against my left arm. “We gotta do something about this frigging swing set,”he said.”I’m telling you, it’s ninety percent of the problem”.
This tale about two unconventional teenagers who meet under the most unusual circumstances(both had cancer) and fell in love moved me despite seeing the movie a few times. But, it only goes to prove one point; The book will always be better than the movie💫.
Who else hates that he had to die before hazel?😭


Themes in the book? Love, Dedication, Family, Friendship and most importantly courage to mention a few.

In addition, I think the book cover is so beautiful. I couldn’t help but picture Augustus’ face that way till the very end; serene, happy and completely in love. I also think Hazel was a tad irritating with the way she re-read Peter Van Houten’s book compulsively and became obsessed with getting the sequel like her very life depended on it.

I will not give this book a 5. It’s a 4 for making me cry. I hate sad endings.


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Where to buy? Amazon

Book Review || Tambari by Ken Saro Wiwa

Title: TambariBook cover of book_Tambari

Author: Ken Saro Wiwa

Genre: Children/Juvenile Fiction

Publisher: Longman

Year of Publishing: 1973.

Page: 90

ISBN-13 No: 978 139 115 4

Source: Book Barter Event

Book Summary

Tambari  is an adventure story for young readers in which Saro-Wiwa employs qualities of traditional African folktales and oral story-telling set against colorful descriptions of village life. It is set in Umuahia and Port Harcourt of Nigeria.

My Review

Its a 5 out of 5.

Tambari is a book chronicling the adventures of a young African boy.
Ken Saro Wiwa’s use of words and imagery was impeccable. He described each scene eloquently; I’ve never seen nature described enticingly.
It’s a didactic story that has lessons woven into each page.

In my 11-year old sister’ words, “It’s quite interesting”.

It was set at a time when Nigeria was a lot better to live in. A time when trains were properly managed and a time when train officials knew their duties.

pg.49 of the book made me smile wistfully for it evoked childhood memories long forgotten. Although intended for pupils in upper primary school and secondary reading as it is written in simple and clear language. I’d recommend the book to lovers of African culture and most especially secondary school students. The reader is sure to relate with the adventures in the book and read about young and carefree Nigeria.

Themes In The Book

  • The Importance of Moral Education

As stated earlier, the education of children is central to the development of all of the novel’s themes. Also, Tambari like most children always had a lot of questions to ask his aunty

  • Adventure and the Joys of Childhood

Tambari and his friend, Victor took joy in the littlest things. The inquisitive and exploitative traits that’s part of the DNA of children was seen in the book. From pranks in school to the fishing incident in chapter 4 of the book.

Did You read this book in primary school or perhaps in secondary? What are your thoughts?

Where to buy it? Learnington

 On Reading|Top 5 Reasons to Read in 2017

Hello Darlings,

Happy Fri-Yay. What are you reading for the weekend?

I’ve always wished everyone I care about sees the beauty in living so many lives through books and seeing what I see each time I read one.

Yikes For me, reading is life. It’s as important as the air I breathe(Maybe not😊). It is bliss and the perfect stress reliever.I read to escape reality and to also travel to exotic cities that I’d never imagine visiting soon in the real world.

Now you are probably thinking; why should I read? what are the Benefits Of Reading?


Here are top 5 reasons why you should read: Continue reading